Run For Rita 

Another Run for Rita? you never know 

Run Recipients

2008 Run


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 Megan O’Conner Caringbridge


2007 Run Recipient

Julie Nelson Caringbridge.

2007 Run Recipient

A long time family friend of the Spyksma's who is going undergoing treatment for the re-occurrence of breast cancer.  Was also a 2007 Run Recipient

2006 Run Recipient:

The first person to receive funds from the initial Run for Rita was a young mother of two whom had just begun treatment to combat acute lymphocytic leukemia, the same situation that confronted Rita in mid October of 2004.  Because of privacy issues, we were never able to learn her name or the end result of her treatment.  She remains in our prayers.

2006 Run Recipient:

The second donation was to a more mature woman who was midway through her varied treatments of lung cancer.  The choice to give the remaining

 funds to Sandie Urevig was obvious because she had been Rita's friend for many years and her house had been a "home away from home" for Rita and her siblings during their High School years.  Sandie had expressed the desire to be at the Run as soon as she was able, but that desire was not to be fulfilled.  Sandie went home to be with her Savior in September of 2008.  The good memories remain and offer healing.


 Darla Jacobson Caringbridge


2008 Run Recipient

 Micah and Seth Fennema on Keloland


2008 Run Recipient



2008 Run Recipient

2007 Run


2006 Run


2009 Run


Rodney Lamfers Caring bridge


2009 Run Recipient

Ty Lawrence Sichmeller Caring bridge


2009 Run Recipient

2010 Run


Mary Hieb-Ekstrom Blog


2010 Run Recipient

 Darla Jacobson Family Caringbridge


2011 Run Recipient

A large portion of the proceeds from the Harrisburg Haunted house was donated directly to a young cancer patient from the Harrisburg area