Run For Rita 

Another Run for Rita? you never know 

Last Wednesday i went to town to find myself a new costume for the haunted house. I arrived a few minutes before the costume store opened so i stepped in next door to a western store to look at boots. The sales lady asked if she cud help me... I replied that i was just wasting time till the store next door opened. I tried on a few pair of boots while explaining to her about the haunted house and its tie to my past. As I looked to her for advice on my boots... I see her in tears. She explained to me that her husband was just diagnosed with cancer. I knew her pain and understood her feelings immediately.


Today I stopped at that store to pick up my boots I ordered that day. We had a brief conversation about her husband and I relived some of the pain through her current situation. I left behind a couple tshirts and an envelope containing money that you all helped raise..... thank you!!!! We are making a difference in peoples lives.....

From Jeff Spyksma this story tells it all and makes everything worthwhile